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We seek an enthusiastically collaborative candidate with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, synthetic biology, or related fields. Previous experience in bacterial genetics, biochemistry, and genomics is a plus. 

Our postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to improve their scientific writing and communication abilities through conference presentations, drafting manuscripts, and contributing to grant proposals. Postdoctoral fellows are also provided opportunities and guidance to develop their mentorship abilities by helping graduate students and undergraduates grow into confident, knowledgeable, and independent researchers.

As our core values, we insist that no one should be excluded from the scientific community on the basis of their body, socioeconomics, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. You also do not need to be an expert in microbiology, have a lineage in academia, or come from a highly ranked university to benefit our group and research. 

To apply, send a cover letter and CV to

Graduate students

We are currently recruiting Ph.D. students! Interested students from the Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB) graduate program and the Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology (SSPB) graduate program are encouraged to reach out to

Prospective Ph.D. students interested in our research are encouraged to apply to the BCB or SSPB programs. Students can email their CV and a  summary of research interests to to discuss potential opportunities.

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