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Genome-wide protein-DNA interaction site mapping using a double-strand DNA-specific cytosine deaminase

Gallagher LA, Velazquez E, Peterson SB, Charity JC, Hsu F, Radey MC, Gebhardt MJ, de Moraes MH, Penewit KM, Kim J, Andrade PA, LaFramboise T, Salipante SJ, de Lorenzo V, Wiggins PA, Dove SL, Mougous JD (2021)  Nature Microbiology  7, pages844–855 (2022)

A bacterial cytidine deaminase toxin enables CRISPR-free mitochondrial base editing

Mok BY*, de Moraes MH*, Zeng J, Bosch DE, Kotrys AV, Raguram A, Hsu F, Radey MC, Peterson SB, Mootha VK, Mougous JD, Liu DR (2020) Nature 583, 631–637. (*authors contributed equally)

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